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My Friend Jim Marhan testing the grip in turn 3  


Mary Branson on her 50cc Honda showing Jim how it should be done

Another Picture of Mary at Gunstock 

This was taken at NHIS in 1999 after I put a TD2 brake on my Triumph.

Dave Roper at NHIS

Roper being chased by Zack Courts at Gunstock

This is Robert Lusk, a friend from England, riding my YCS1 and me on the second YCS1 I built. We were leading until Robert fell off and then I led until I fell off. He got up and finished 4th.

One year we ran a "demonstration" race on the streets of Laconia but you know how long that lasted. It was fun but not very safe. That's Jim chasing me on my other CS3 Yamaha.

This is at Frontierland which is a track we laid out on the roads around the NHIS parking lots. I chased Mary but couldn't get past her 200 Honda. I need to lose about 60 pounds.

Kerry Smith on my Yamaha YL1. She's the only rider who weighs less than the YL1



I don't get to be in front of Matt much anymore.

Dave Roper chasing me at Frontier Land. This is one of the very few times I beat him and I was on my TZ350F Yamaha against his 250 Aermacchi.

Me on my Yamaha SRX6 chasing Aaron Finney on a very fast BSA 500 Single. He beat me and now Bob Bala owns it and races against me.