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My Yamaha CT1/2 Road Racer

At the starting line at NHIS

The frame is stock and the front end is from an RD200. I made a dry clutch and machined a basket to fit TZ125 plates. I machined 3 pounds off the front disc. It still has steel rims and tires that are too big and weighs about 185 lbs.

 I machined the head out of a block of aluminum after failing to find a MX center plug head. I made a new clutch basket to fit TZ125 dry plates. The drive for the dry clutch needs some more development. I made 2 pipes but haven't checked them on the dyno.

I cut away a set of cases to help while modifying a 6 speed from a later model MX175. Took a while but it works.

Next project, after modifying the dry clutch, will be a new frame like my other bikes. That may get the weight down close to 150 lbs.
I finally made the the frame but decided to use it with an AT2 125 motor. It's on the AT2 page.