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This is the new CanAm frame for my son...and me
My son bought a CanAm 400 just because it was for sale and he passed it every week.
After he got it we decided it would make a good singles class racer.
This is my first design which had front down tubes that made it necessary to remove the motor to work on the top end.
The second design eliminated the down tubes so the motor could drop down to be worked on without being removed.

This is the SA pivot. The outer bushings are where the frame tubes connect and the inner ones are for the SA bearings.

Had to make longer studs to fit the head mounting points.


The first tubes are in.

Top rear mount.


Ready to remove from jig. Just needs mounts for tank, seat and other small parts.

The start of the swing arm.

I braze the pivot joints last after the rest cools down. I used Delrin bushings and hone them in line. They run on HSS drill bushings.

I use RD200 rear hubs for all my bikes. I make the axle adjusters much thicker and use large diameter spacers.


It weighs 208 pounds with some gas in the tank.

Start of new CanAm frame. Made necessary by me crashing and destroying the first frame. I changed the design slightly and used a mount that attached to the front of the head.

The new frame almost finished.

This is the new front mount. The head mounting kept cracking from vibration so I went back to my first idea but made them removable so you can work on the top end without removing the motor. It also seems to vibrate less.