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RT2 Frame
Finally getting started on the RT2 frame

Rear motor mount ready to braze



Brazed but not cleaned up

Glass bead blasting cleans off the flux better than hot water


Top 2 cross tubes in place 

Next 2 ready to tack

first 4 brazed in place

Next 4 brazed with not much clearance to the head. I need to find a center plug MX head as the enduro head has 2 plugs that will foul the frame.

4 more tacked in place


Head tube brazed and the design has also changed a bit from the original drawing

Front motor mount hangers. I made the frame this way so I can work on the top end without removing motor.

Rear section finished. Just need to make seat and tank mounts.

Finished frame with seat and tank mounts

Front Motor mount

  Finished swing arm with Delrin bushings

Chain adjusters

Triple clamps

Footpeg mounts